Blog #10

by carre107

This week’s Nintendo news comes in two parts, both relating to recent Wii U sales. I have an update for Wii U sales in February, but I can’t find an article breaking down March sales. I guess they haven’t been released yet, or I’m not a very good researcher. According to this article (, Nintendo’s Wii U sales have improved, but they are still far from redeeming themselves. Wii U shipments rose over 40% in February. This sounds like great news, but there’s one problem. Wii U shipment amounts in the improved month of February are a little over 60,000 total consoles shipped. On the other hand, Microsoft is shipped 302,000 Xbox consoles in February. So, even with a vast improvement over shipping quantities,  Nintendo is shipping one fifth the amount of their consoles than Microsoft is, and the Xbox is almost 8 years old! This might be because Xbox’s break constantly (I’m on my 5th; thank God for warranties), but regardless, the statistics are pretty staggering. All we can hope for is that the shipments increase by 40% every month so Nintendo can at least catch up to sales of old consoles before the new consoles are released.

The other part of my news this week is about one week of March sales in the United Kingdom. Here’s the whole article: “Troubled UK retailer HMV has decided to take action against declining Wii U sales in the United Kingdom and has slashed the pricing of the Wii U 32GB Premium Console with Nintendo Land and ZombiU to £199.99. That’s a £140 saving on the recommended retail price. Nintendo said earlier this week that it plans to meet with UK retailers to help boost sales of the console”. I figured it wasn’t worth it to reword such a small piece of news. This complimentary article (, says that because of these price cuts that Wii U sales rose about 125% in the UK. It looks like a lesson can be learned here. Nintendo needs to realize that if you slash Wii U prices, you might actually sell enough to succeed! They are so adamant about sticking with their original price that they are missing out on a proven increase of sales. I don’t know how much of a profit HMV can make slashing the price as much as they did, but it does prove that it will help sales. I’m pleased to read that Nintendo is planning to meet with the UK retailers. I hope that the meeting is productive and that the retailers can influence Nintendo to slash their prices everywhere. In conclusion, Nintendo still isn’t doing that great, but they may be digging themselves out of the hole they are in little by little. I would like to think of this as good news seeing that they’ve had so much bad news for a while. It seems like this news must be good seeing that the stock prices have increased for Nintendo in the month of March.

This next bit really has nothing to do with the regular blog, but I thought this “news” was interesting. It was news to me anyway. My brother, who is obsessed with video games (especially Nintendo games), recently told me that a while back Sony inquired about teaming up with Nintendo, but Nintendo denied them the opportunity. I don’t know who was going to acquire who or if it was a joint venture of some sort, but regardless, it didn’t work out. I can’t find an official source of this but there is a forum ( that backs it up. Apparently, Sony’s Playstation was originally supposed to be an attachment to the Super Nintendo! Now the Playstation’s newest model the PS3 is doing much better in sales than Nintendo’s newest console the Wii U. It’s funny how these things work out. I would suggest a partnership between the two now, if it weren’t such a bad idea. Apparently, Nintendo is still bitter towards Sony because of the contract from the first proposed partnership. Also, I think the companies have views that are too different from one another for them to be able to work together.