Blog #4

by carre107

No new news directly about Nintendo, but I have news that is quite relevant to Nintendo. One of Nintendo’s biggest rivals, Sony, announced the release date and many details of their new video game console yesterday, February 20. There are a whole bunch of articles on this. PS4 has its own site with many details as well ( The PS4 is expected to release this holiday season, around 1 year after Nintendo released its Wii U.

From previous blogs I mentioned that Nintendo should capture as much market share as they can with their console before the other major video game consoles catch up to them and release their new consoles. Well, the time has come for Nintendo to begin to worry if they haven’t been already. With Wii U sales already less than they were projected to be, I can’t imagine what the release of PS4 will do to their sales. I believe Microsoft will also be announcing their new system sometime in June, so there’s even more to worry about.

I also mentioned previously that Nintendo’s main building block is innovation. They made a controller that was unique to all other consoles and that was one of their main selling points. PS4 is releasing a controller that is going to be similar to the Wii U’s controller, briefly mentioned in this article ( The PS4’s controller will have a touch pad in the center and remote sensing for motion control, just like Nintendo. The new generation of console wars has officially begun and Nintendo’s Wii U will no longer be the only new system on the market. I really hope they can produce some quality games and stay afloat using the favorable currency exchange rate while they figure out how to combat these new systems. It is difficult to do much more than reporting here because I feel that I have really made all the recommendations to Nintendo that I can at this time.