Blog #1

by carre107

As the title suggests, this is my first blog. Believe it or not, I’ve never written a blog before, so I don’t know how the format should be or how they are normally written. I’m just going to wing it. First of all, I’d like to reflect on the first day of class. This class seems informative, practical and amusing, thanks to a funny professor. I like that Professor Tuggle uses a lot of examples when he explains concepts. Daily news reports will scare the crap out of me because I hate talking in front of people, but I’ve managed to survive my whole life doing so and, as stated in class, you won’t get to far in business if you’re a wallflower. I liked the lecture about a company’s mission, because I never thought of the perspective of broadening your mission, looking for a potential vision in the company,  rather than trying solely to make your specific product the best it can be. The examples were eye-opening. I didn’t realize that Kodak invented digital cameras and were too stupid to release something that phenomenal just to try to hang on to their old aspect of the company.

As for following a company, I’m hoping I can stick with Nintendo because of my passion for video games. I’m going to talk about some Nintendo news for now, but first here are my choices for preferred companies:


Electronic Arts

Activision Blizzard


Home Depot

As for Nintendo, a recent article from ( reported that Nintendo discovered Samsung’s name in a layer of epoxy in a pirated copy of their game. Nintendo is now suing Samsung. This raises a lot of questions. For example, was this pirated copy of the game produced by Samsung, or did someone take a Samsung chip and put it into a game that they pirated. I don’t know much about how to illegally make video games (thank God I’m not a criminal), so I don’t know how this happened, but if I were Nintendo, I would not only sue, but drop Samsung as their chip supplier. Nintendo reportedly warned Samsung multiple times to stop producing counterfeit video games and I wouldn’t want to be in business with an untrustworthy company. I’m sure there are other chip suppliers that would love to be a part of a company that makes so many popular video games, and therefore profits. They have not decided whether or not to cut Samsung off, so I think they should seek other suppliers and if they line one up, they should dump Samsung.